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Applications Due by June 7th
Because so many of you have already started calling, we wanted to let you know when to start sending your applications.  In a word - now is great!!! 

You do NOT have to make a final decision about whether or not you want to play in both seasons until later this summer.  And yes, you will still receive the same discount.

The deadline for applications for the JULY Season is June 7th

As we approve you, there is an automated letter that is sent to your e-mail address IF there is no typo and your filter doesn't throw it into junk mail.  Just click on League Players and find your name if you don't receive your automated approval letter.  Feel free to call (662) 539-2440 with any questions and please help us spread the word with your teammates so that we can continue to get even bigger and better!!! 

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LCS/All-Star Games Cancelled

While we hate to end the season this way, it has been a FANTASTIC FALL!!  Thank you to everyone for their outstanding contributions during our 2014 Fall season. 

Don't forget to enjoy the pictures posted on Facebook (MSB Fall League) and we hope that all of you have great springs playing for your high school teams.

We will use this afternoon to try again to fix the season stats and we hope to have this posted sometime tonight.  All of the games are in the system if we can get the software to accurately calculate the totals.

Thanks again for the GREAT SEASON!!!

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LCS/All-Star Event This Sunday
The following players are invited to join us for our All-Star Event this Sunday at 1:30.  We will have two fields available!!
AJ Roaten, Andrew Childers, Andrew Duff, Austin Gafford, Austin McClamroch, Bailey Spradling, Ben Rogers, Braxton Peden, Bret Linton, Brett May, Brock Dean, Bryce Davidson, Cade Scroggins, Cam Crawford, Carson Forrester, Chance Futrell, Charlie Bonee, Clay Pearson, Cody Boland, Collin Crawford, Collin Rone, Colt Hale, Connor Moore, Cooper Clement, Cory Murphy, Drew Moffett, Grady Nabors, Hayden Copeland, Hunter Thompson, JT Gaines, JT Slay, Jackson Lancaster, Jacob Gaines, Jake Cobb, Jordan Smith, Josh Rollins, Joshua Peek, Lawson Stewart, Koby Harcrow, Kylan Carter, Kyle Crigger, Lawson Stewart, Luke Hobson, Matthew Brown, Myles Steen, Ryan McCurdy, Sawyer Byars, Shay Boyd, Skler Defer, Ty Hill, Tyler Holman, Tyler Moore, Weston Coggin, Will Cullen, Will Long, Wyatt Esterley, Zack Nance.
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