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Games Cancelled for Nov. 4th
Based on the rain from earlier this week and this morning, as well as the forecast for it to continue through 4:00 this afternoon, we are cancelled for Sunday, November 4th. See you on Saturday, November 10th!!
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Updates for This Weekend
While we hated to rain out our Opening Day, we took advantage of the extra time to create a 14th team!!  This will allow extra players into the league, remove the need to play doubleheaders, and generally allow for more playing time for all of the players.  A few players will be re-assigned but we are confident that they will enjoy their new team just as much.  
Please check the schedule as we have done a huge re-write to accommodate our new team.  See you Sunday!!  Follow us on twitter @cottonstates for the most recent weather updates.
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Transition to 2018 Fall Season

As we start transitioning to our Fall season, you will see some changes to the player's names on the website.  A player that has already alerted the league that he wants to return for the fall has one asterisk (*) next to his name. If you would like to play again this fall and played this July, please do not re-apply.  Just send an e-mail.  We have begun the re-approval process but it is not too late to either send an application or an e-mail to reserve your spot.

The players that will be new to the league this fall have two asterisks (**) by their name so that we know to order them a uniform. 

Games in the fall will start the weekend after Labor Day.  We will play primarily on Sunday afternoons at 1:30, 4:00, and 6:30.  Saturday games will occur only if neither Miss State or Ole Miss play at home that day.
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