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Applications Are Due By June 5th
We appreciate all of the applications we have already received - we have started approving them!! Approved players should be able to see their name on the website and should receive an approval letter with instructions for payment.  We usually experience some difficulty with those letters based on various computer filters - if you did not receive it, just send us an e-mail or give us a call. 
If you have any questions, please feel free to call (662) 539-2440.  We hope that you are having a great spring and we look forward to seeing you in early July as we continue getting bigger and better!!!  Be sure and follow us on Twitter @cottonstates and find us on Facebook!! 
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Fall Showcase
Be sure and sign up by Wednesday at midnight for our first Fall Showcase.  We need to order the t-shirts with unique numbers on the back so that the scouts, etc. can verify who they are watching on the live stream.  This is a great opportunity even for the younger players to learn how showcases work, have measurables so that they have goals as they continue to play to get better in the 60, the 40, throwing velocity, hitting exit velocity, etc.

The event starts at 9:00 and should wrap up before 1:00.  $110 (including the t-shirt) is a great value!!  Again, make sure you sign up before Wednesday at midnight. 
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Cancelled Sunday October 11th
We are rained out for Sunday, October 11th.  Hope to see all of you next weekend.  Look for information about our Fall Showcase next weekend. 
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