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Cancelled Sunday - Working on Next Weekend's Action
We are cancelled for Sunday, October 27th.  Expect to play next Saturday and Sunday.  We will have the schedule posted sometime later today.
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Computer Crash
We apologize but our master computer crashed today before the games began.  We have all of the results and stats from the games, but we are unable to post them until that particular computer is fixed.  We will have them up as soon as possible!!!  Thanks for your patience. 
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Transition to 2019 Fall Season

As we start transitioning to our Fall season, you will see some changes to the player's names on the website.  A player that has already alerted the league that he wants to return for the Fall has one asterisk (*) next to his name. If you are playing this July AND would like to play again this fall, please do not re-apply.  Just send an e-mail.  

The players that will be new to the league this Fall have two asterisks (**) by their name so that we know to order them a uniform. 

The deadline for Fall registration is August 4th, whether it is by e-mail (returning July players) or application for new players.

Games in the fall will start the weekend after Labor Day.  We will play primarily on Sunday afternoons at 1:30, 4:00, and 6:30.  Saturday games will occur only if neither Miss State or Ole Miss play at home that day. 
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Schedule Change
Opening Day
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