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2018 Fall LCS Champions
Thank you to everyone (coaches, players, families, umpires, field crew, etc.) for the fantastic 2018 Fall season.  Congratulations to the North Delta Dealers for winning the LCS Championship.  We hope all of you have a successful spring and we can't wait to see you again next July!!  Follow us on Twitter (@cottonstates) so that you can keep up with the latest news and updates as we prepare for our 2019 season. 
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Games Cancelled for Nov. 4th
Based on the rain from earlier this week and this morning, as well as the forecast for it to continue through 4:00 this afternoon, we are cancelled for Sunday, November 4th. See you on Saturday, November 10th!!
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Updates for This Weekend
While we hated to rain out our Opening Day, we took advantage of the extra time to create a 14th team!!  This will allow extra players into the league, remove the need to play doubleheaders, and generally allow for more playing time for all of the players.  A few players will be re-assigned but we are confident that they will enjoy their new team just as much.  
Please check the schedule as we have done a huge re-write to accommodate our new team.  See you Sunday!!  Follow us on twitter @cottonstates for the most recent weather updates.
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